Monday, 20 August 2012

Happy Birthday Aidan!

I can not believe that Aidan is 3 years old!  But here he is...all three years of him!

In the spirit of the Olympics, Aidan's Birthday spanned about two weeks.  We started in the Hamptons with the Taylors and the Tallaricos where Pat and Bob let us have everyone over for a little party.

I think this Birthday felt different cause he now understands kind of what's going on and that the day is for him and that he is turning "3 years old".

He was spoiled completely but I like to think thankful as well.  He must have nightmares that consist of Al and me reminding him to say "Thank You" over and over!

I made his cake from a recipe in the Cake Boss cookbook.  
It was pretty tasty, I just need to work on my icing distribution and writing skills.

We happened to be in Chicago on his birthday this year and celebrated as any 3 year old would dream of at a brunch place!  :)  It was very festive and fast, as we had a 4pm flight back to Hoboken.

I ordered the cake from a bakery near my parents house for his Chicago-party.  
I obviously need to work on my decorating skills!

 It's interesting how focused Rory becomes when cake and presents are around.  :)

Aidan and GG

The whole group...minus Erin and Jonathan who missed the photo session.

I am the only one looking at the camera.

Happy, happy 3rd Birthday Aidan!  We love you so much!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Then and Now

The last time I posted...

Aidan looked like this...

He now looks like this...

Rory looked like this...

Now he looks like this...

I can't believe how quickly this past year has gone and how much has changed.  Some big changes and some small; but I just can't believe how much these two little men have grown and developed such strong personalities already.  Aidan is creative and compassionate but impatient.  Rory is fearless and sturdy but still needs lots of cuddles if he hurts himself.  Aidan's hair continues to grow like mine...straight and thick and at gravity's mercy.  Rory's hair is CURLY!  At the mercy of humidity and I am doing my darndest to keep it as curly as possible.  They are starting to play together and learning how to press each others buttons.  It's an amazing feeling to see their brotherly-bond starting to form.  Yes, some day I would love to have a daughter but for now I couldn't be happier to have my boys and for them to have each other.

 In the backyard at my parents house.

Taking the sting out of a shopping trip...a train ride at the outlet mall in Michigan City, IN.

All my Taylor men on the beach of Lake Michigan in Grand Beach, MI. 

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Just when I was getting my blogging game back on track I took two months off. Here is a little Taylor family round up...
Al turned 31!

Aidan had his first x-ray. A run-in with the elevator. Nothing broken thank God!

We got another stroller! Great for traveling and Rory has since gotten more used to sitting next to his brother.

Aidan still loves peas.

My Aunt Maureen came to visit (aka Mo-Mour) and then flew back with me and the boys to Chicago.

Gracie and Rory got reacquainted.

And GG and Rory got reacquainted too!

Liz and Mehul got married

Our flight back to Chicago was canceled so we drove back and took a pit stop to the birthplace of KFC in Corbin, Kentucky.

Dave came to visit! And we had our first visit to the Highline.

Aidan had his first milkshake...and loved it!

My brother, Sean's first full length comic book came out to rave reviews!

Stephanie saved me and Aidan and Gracen had a impromptu, scandalous play-date.

Rory and I took a road trip to Harrisburg to get Thuy-Anh & Matt's wedding celebrations started. (A side note: I like taking pictures with Rory...he makes me look tan!)

My Parents came to visit.

And my Mom watched both boys so that Al and I could attend all Butler and Courtney's wedding festivities.

Congrats to Butler and Courtney!

I can't believe that Rory is 5 Months old! He is getting so big and moving around like crazy. Every once in a while, he and Aidan look at each other and smile and it makes me the happiest woman in the world!

Saturday, 30 April 2011


We had such a Happy Easter this year. So happy that we celebrated it over two weekends!

First we celebrated the week before with Pat, Bob, Rob, Beth and Ryan at The Rockville Links for an Easter Brunch. We had a great time and Aidan did pretty well at his first Easter Egg Hunt with some help from his cousin Ryan.

Erin, Gracie and Sean came to New York for Easter weekend and we had the best time! Rory and Gracie picked up right where they left off and I think having a lady in the house had a softening affect on Aidan!

Aidan was so excited to see his Uncle Sean again!

Rory and Gracie were beyond excited to see each other again!

Gracie felt right at home in New York City! She loved her first subway ride.

Because of the rain, we headed up town to The Children's Museum of Manhattan.

Aidan loved dying Easter Eggs!

We had a really nice brunch after Easter Mass at Landmarc in Tribeca.

Dressed up in their Easter best!

I had to put this picture in because Gracie looks so darn cute!

Little Easter bunnies!

Uncle Sean reading to Aidan about Chicago.

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Monday, 18 April 2011

Spring Round-Up

Aidan will be 20 months old tomorrow, April 19th and Rory will be 3 months on the 22nd...I really cannot believe it. This may have been the fastest three months of my is a little round-up:

On March 5th, Grace Elizabeth Mogensen (my Goddaughter!) and Rory James Taylor (Erin Mogensen and Rob Taylor are his Godparents) were Baptized together at Nativity of Our Lord Church in Chicago.

It was so great to have the Ryan (Taylor/Mogensen) cousins together. Aidan behaved pretty well with his new cousin and little brother.

My parents could not be happier!

My Aunt Maureen flew back to New York with us and stayed for a week! She is amazing and we had such a great time with Maur Maur (what Aidan has started calling her!).

Al ran the Manhattan Half Marathon (in a record time of 1:36 minutes!) although Rory was born in 30 minutes so I don't really know how impressive that time is. :) What is impressive though is that he raised over $8,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!

One of the highlights of the Spring was Matt and Suzie's wedding! The ceremony and reception were held at The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island and it was as beautiful as it was fun! A BIG thanks to my Mom who flew to New York to stay with Aidan while we were celebrating in Florida.

The next generation of Taylor/Tallaricos!

Most recently we celebrated Bob's 65th Birthday! Pat cooked a delicious meal and we had such a great night celebrating Bob!

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